Healthy Hoosier Communities

Healthy Hoosier Communities

Together with community leaders, we have prioritized population health issues to promote the well-being of people in our region, including substance use disorder, obesity and diabetes, infant mortality, tobacco use, mental health, and chronic disease.

The center collaborates with Grand Challenge: Addictions and Grand Challenge: Precision Health Initiative teams, the School of Social Work master's program with a focus on addictions and mental health in rural communities, and the School of Public Health, School of Medicine, School of Nursing, and School of Dentistry on health promotion initiatives and healthcare professional development in Indiana. 

What Moves You Mitchell?

Professors Jeanne Johnston and Whitney Schlegel lead public health and biology students to work with Mitchell community leaders on the creation of the What Moves You Mitchell? public health campaign.

Together they addressed the importance of physical activity in lowering chronic rates of hypertension and cardiovascular disease, and empowered Mitchell residents to lead healthier lifestyles.