Partners from every corner of the region

The Center for Rural Engagement helps connect partners in the 11-county region to IU resources that can help them take on the challenges and opportunities facing their communities.

From faculty-led, class-based projects to large-scale multidisciplinary research teams, from student entrepreneurs to student volunteers, and from cross-sector leadership development to comprehensive strategic planning, the center mobilizes the resources, expertise, and energy on the IU campus to create new options and solutions for our neighboring counties.

We’re actively engaging:

  • The talent and commitment of community partners in all areas of society, such as government, health care, education, nonprofits and private organizations, and others
  • IU Bloomington faculty, whose applied research and service intersects with the center’s mission and can directly benefit the 11-county target area
  • The energy and creativity of IU Bloomington students interested in applying classroom lessons to the real issues and problems facing our rural neighbors
Map of Indiana, with 11 counties highlighted

Rural partners in 11 counties in Southwest Central Indiana

  • Owen County
  • Greene County
  • Monroe County
  • Brown County
  • Lawrence County
  • Washington County
  • Orange County
  • Crawford County
  • Dubois County
  • Martin County
  • Daviess County

Featured initiative

Addiction and substance abuse

Addiction is among the leading causes of disability and mortality in our region and is associated with staggering human consequences and costs.

Researchers from the School of Public Health and many parts of the College of Arts and Sciences are investigating new strategies for attacking drug and alcohol addiction in Indiana.

Building on established and new information, these researchers will determine how environmental, social, and individual risk factors contribute to addiction as well as develop a range of interventions that include biological, behavioral, educational, informatic, and economic approaches.

Additionally, practitioners in the Indiana Prevention Resource Center have been working closely with communities in the region and across the state to build community capacity to tackle this complex, entrenched challenge.

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Offer your time, research, or expertise to rural communities and small towns in Southwest Central Indiana.