We partner with rural communities to improve lives

We bring together people, research, cultural assets, and expertise to improve quality of life and address rural challenges from addiction to the arts.

Together with our partners, we have become a national model for how universities can support the needs and futures of rural residents and communities.

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Our progress

217projects launched in 36 Indiana counties

4,900+IU students mobilized to help Hoosier communities

15,800+residents engaged in 55 communities

We're creating healthier, happier Hoosier communities

Students from the IU School of Nursing are helping to improve access to healthcare in rural communities by conducting home visits for patients with chronic illnesses.

As a result of this experience, students are realizing the dire need for more healthcare practitioners in these areas—and are committing to help provide them.

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nursing students listen to an instructor

Description of the video:


[Graphic Animation Appears: Indiana University Presents]

[Video: A car rides down a country road in the spring, trees are starting to bloom and the sun is out.]

[Video: A truck drives down the main street of Nashville, IN. There are people walking into local shops.]

[Video: A dog walks along the brick sidewalk next to people walking by.]

[Text appears: IU’s Center for Rural Engagement and the Arts and Humanities Council]

[Video: Two college students sit under the Brown County, Indiana sign on a wooden bench]

[Video: A plaque featuring the story of Hoosier Onya LaTour sits on a fireplace mantle in the Brown County Public Library conference room.]

[Text appears: have expanded their arts and cultural offerings to Indiana communities.]

[Video: Shoppers pass through the entrance of a local store on the main street of Nashville, IN.]

[Video: A high schooler is writing down poetry at the table during the poetry workshop.]

[Text appears: Projects like the creative writing workshops]

[Video: Writers old and young sit together in the conference room looking at their papers and writing.]

[Text appears: provides a space for expression and communication.]

[Video: An older writer feeds her service dogs that are hiding under the table.]

[Text appears: Led by IU English Professor Catherine Bowman,]

[Video: A woman joins the writing table where Professor Bowman sits at the end jotting down ideas.]

[Video: An older writer reads her poem to the rest of the workshop visitors.]

[Text appears: CRE’s writing workshops are designed to celebrate the diversity of small-town life.]

[Video: Shoppers pass by on the sidewalk of the main street in Nashville, IN.

[Video: An man approaches Nashville General Store and Bakery.]

[Video: Professor Bowman explains some writing techniques with a smile on her face to the other writers.]

[Text appears: These workshops help people to imagine more dynamic stories for their communities.]

[Video: All the writers are busy working on their exercise at the corner of a table.]

[Video: A busy street in Nashville, IN.]

[Video: A tourist vehicle called the “Nashville Express” zooms by and down the street. It is designed to look like a steam locomotive.]

[Video: A writer shares a funny comment with the others.]

[Text appears: Storytelling provides a sense of resiliency for individuals and communities.]

[Video: A writer listens to the funny comment across the table.]

[Video: A writer jots down ideas on her paper.]

[Text appears: +1,500 residents participated in IU’s rural arts programs in a single year.]

[Video: Professor Bowman listens to the comments of other writers around the table.]

[Video: A younger writer looks down at her paper and works.]

[Text appears: Storytelling helps communities understand their past, present, and future.]

[Graphics appear: IU Center For Rural Engagement and IU Arts and Humanities Council]


We're building a more sustainable future for everyone

two people at a farmers market

Janai Weeks, a third-time Sustaining Hoosier Communities participant, is putting her public relations skills to work to help increase awareness of the Linton Farmer’s Market in the community—and help Hoosiers learn about local, sustainable food sources.

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