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Your support is key to growing our thriving initiatives. Join us to improve the lives and opportunities of Hoosiers through the discovery and deployment of evidence-based, informed, and scalable solutions to common challenges facing rural communities.

Organizational sponsorship and philanthropy

Your organization can make a difference in rural communities through sponsorships and philanthropic support. Contact us to create a plan that matches your goals. 

Sponsorship opportunities

This annual event is a two-day conference that brings together rural residents and leaders, IU faculty, staff, and students, and state and regional leaders to focus on the issues of greatest importance to Indiana’s rural communities. Thematic topic areas include health, community resilience, and quality of place, with sessions on community health initiatives, substance use disorder, mental health resources, nutrition and local food access, and more.

Support hands-on workshops and the CAV Book that includes 100+ pages of arts wellness activities, along with art supplies, to reduce stress and the effects of trauma among the veteran population. Because veterans experience significantly higher rates of suicide and increased substance use disorder, these books are designed to support them in navigating difficult challenges, bolstering mental health, and strengthening connections with friends and family.

Join us to host community health and wellness fairs in southern Indiana in partnership with local organizations.

We lead and facilitate rural workshops and seminars on asset-based community development, Strategic Doing, and other strategy and planning activities to support rural vitality. These are customized for specific community and organizational needs.

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