Engaging communities through research, teaching, service, and partnerships

We reimagine the relationship between universities and rural communities.

Our center calls on the research, expertise, teaching, and service of IU Bloomington faculty, staff, and students to address the challenges Indiana communities face and to enhance opportunities in collaboration with communities. 

Better lives. Stronger communities. 2018-2019 Impact.

Better Lives. Stronger Communities.

With initiatives launched in 39 communities bringing together thousands of residents and IU faculty, staff, and students to address health, resilience, and quality of place, our impact reaches across rural Indiana and supports a new model for university-community engagement. Learn more in the 2018-19 impact report.

Our approach


Improving the lives of the people living in Indiana


Discovering and deploying solutions to the problems facing rural communities


Building durable and robust partnerships with regional communities, and to support and complement efforts of other regional organizations


Working with our partners to develop a sense of a shared future in the region


Educating and mobilizing an IU student volunteer force to serve the needs and support the goals of rural communities


Demonstrating how a research university’s broad resources can improve the well-being of Indiana and the life chances of those who live here

Focusing students’ volunteer energy to change lives–including their own

For decades, IU students, faculty, staff, and community partners have taken part in such work in Bloomington, throughout the state, and beyond.

IU Corps brings together IU’s collective, varied service efforts to help address the world’s most pressing challenges and meet its most critical needs. IU Corps can be a starting point for students who want to learn about service and volunteer options and a gateway for community partners who want to work with IU students and classes.

45,000+undergraduate and graduate students at IU Bloomington

250,000+hours of student-based community service each semester

300+service-learning classes, programs, and student service groups

Create thriving rural communities with us