Project abstract

Conducted a compliance review of human resources policies, with a particular focus on FMLA.

Drafted a plan that details a baseline of the current compliance and how SICHC needs to change to be in compliance, taking into account future growth.

Recommendations on employee recruitment and retention

Community partners

  • Southern Indiana Community Health Care

Counties involved


Project abstract

This exploratory community-based research strives to document and contextualize homelessness in Greene County. In order to suggest new policy and program directions appropriate for addressing homelessness in rural areas, we need data. Reliable measurement is integral to defining a public policy problem, and while measurement of people experiencing homelessness is challenging, it is even more difficult in rural areas. This research will contribute to the mission of the CRE to partner with rural communities to improve Hoosier lives by providing Greene County with needed data and policy recommendations to address the challenge of rural homelessness. This project is also aligned with the CRE’s Quality of Place goal to develop a rural regional housing planning process by collecting and sharing the data needed to inform that process.

Community partners

• The Family Life Center of Greene County Indiana

• Open Arms Christian Ministries


Campus partners

  • Emily Meanwell, Director, Social Science Research Commons

Counties involved


Homelessness in Greene County